Byron Bay Bronze Luxe Tanning Mitt


Using a high-quality mitt is the best way to achieve a flawless look. Our luxurious mitt has a plush finish and delivers an even, streak-free tan that glides on easily.

Do not make the mitt-stake of using inferior quality products or your will regret it. Our self-tanning mitt is available to buy from our online store today.
How it works

If you’re an experienced tan user, you’ll know that your hands aren’t the best tools for applying tanning foam. Fingers leave streaks, the foam gets applied disproportionately, and your hands end up much darker than the rest of your body. That’s why we’re convinced that tanning mitts are the best way to get an even tan – so much so that we designed one ourselves, available to buy online.


The spongy nature of the self-tanning mitt is how it distributes the product evenly. Using a generous amount of the tanning foam, move the mitt in gentle circular motions over your body. For areas that are hard to reach by yourself, ask a friend or family member to help you out.

How to use

How do I use the Luxe Tanning Mitt to apply fake tan?

With this spongy mitt on your side, self-tanning is easy. To distribute the product evenly, squirt 2-3 pumps of your product to the tanning mitt and start moving it in gentle circular motions over your body. We suggest starting at the top of your shoulders and working down your body, making sure to put the bulk of the product on the areas you want to be the darkest, such as your arms, legs and chest. If you run into any tricky areas, like elbows or knees, switch to long, thick strokes to blend the product in.


If you get any patchy bits or big blobs of product, don’t worry! Keep blending the self-tan into the surrounding areas to even it out, or dab the excess tan with a damp cloth or cotton pad. When it’s dry, you can go over that area with your tanning mitt again.


Once you’ve self-tanned your body, use the residue on the mitt to tan the back of your hands, the tops and sides of your feet and your face. The reason why we save these areas for last is because you don’t need too much product to get a golden glow.


How do I get a seamless tan using the Luxe Tanning Mitt?

By following the tips above and working methodically so you cover your entire body. Luckily, our fake tans have a guide colour, so you can clearly see what areas still need a little love. 


For the best results, give your tan a few minutes to dry before getting dressed, and avoid getting wet until it’s time to rinse it off. That means no sweating or showering if you can help it! But if you do get wet, apply more tanning product to those areas so you end up with a streak-free finish.


What makes the Luxe Tanning Mitt the perfect partner for fake tan?

They’re the perfect pair, and a true love story! The Luxe Tanning Mitt is reusable, machine-washable, and can be used to apply all types of tanning formulas, including mousses and face waters. 


The microfibre self-tanning mitt is made with natural materials and glides onto the skin for fuss-free application. Both newbies and seasoned self-tanners love it!

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Byron Bay Bronze exists to create and supply premium cosmetic products in the most ethical way possible. Made from ocean waste plastic, $1 from the sale of every self-tanning product is donated to charities that help our planet. We work with sustainable suppliers to get our ingredients.


But it doesn’t end there. Our E-Commerce orders are printed on 100% recycled paper, and we bank with Bank Australia, an organisation that is actively involved in social and environmentally sustainable efforts. Founded by women, Byron Bay Bronze are dedicated to equal opportunity in all areas of our company.


The secret to a flawless fake tan is all in the application, and trust us when we say you won’t get that by applying your tan with your fingers or an inferior mitt. We’d like to introduce you to your new self-tanning sidekick: the Luxe Tanning Mitt.


Thanks to its velvety finish, this plush mitt glides on to the skin to help you to achieve an even, streak-free tan. It gets into all the nooks and crannies so you don’t miss a spot, and makes every self-tan session a breeze. From foam to tanning waters, the self-tanning mitt can be used with all formulas and thrown into the washing machine afterwards for your convenience.


Say goodbye to streaky tans, and hello to professional results! Because nothing ruins a Thursday night more than a tan that looks anything but natural.